Men's Aftershave Balm "Kowishto"

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Aftershave Balm provides a protective layer of soothing relief to help prevent post razor burn and skin irritation.  With its soothing organic aloe base, added calming organic calendula & lavender, moisture rich organic coconut &  jojoba oils, plus powerful MSM and toning DMAE, this cooling & refreshing balm leaves your freshly shaven face feeling renewed and conditioned to get you through your day.


  • Coconut & Jojoba Oils- Nourishes & Conditions Skin
  • Organic Calendula Extract- Calming & Antibacterial Properties
  • Vegan MSM & DMAE- Helps Keep Skin Smooth, Toned & Youthful
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids- Helps Smooth, Tighten, and Brighten Skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Delivers Balanced Moisture to the Skin

HOW TO USE IT -  Apply a small amount to freshly shaven areas and gently rub into skin.  Apply in small amounts at first to test skin for sensitivity.  Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.