If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it - then I achieve it! -The Soul of a Butterfly

Our Story

For the past twenty years, I have been a fashion stylist, this all started on a Venice Beach at my local surf spot behind CasaDel Mar on the border of Santa Monica. I was a personal Trainer, a Mussuce, and a part-time cook. 

While on the grind I was in search of my calling, my path, meditation, surfing, and a strong belief in manifestation lead me on my path in fashion in the most profound way. 

I had dreamed of creating my own fashion brand, however, I had no real skills in designing,, drawing, or even how to go about starting a label. 

My real break came when a homeless man approached me on the beach one day offering to sell caracara sketches for a few bucks I was amazed how fast he did it, so we chatted for a while and came to an agreement, I would share what little food I had with him, he would have a place to shower and some clean clothes in a go-bag with whatever he needed in the meantime  

I was always had my own sense of fashion sense and believed that you should wear whatever you put on don't let wear you. 

With the right amount of passion and a little inspiration, dreams can be achieved anywhere. In 1999, with only a vision in my head, wandering the streets of Venice Beach, after a rough day of working the grind as a part-time cook and a personal trainer, I sat down exhausted at the beach, brain spinning, and spoke with the man on the bench next to me. Down on his luck, he had artistic talent and I had a dream. An exchange of basic necessities for character drawings was agreed upon, and my vision for fashion began its own life.   

Life leads you to where you are meant to be, and in my case, fashion was my calling. I didn't have fancy degrees or corporate training, rather my fashion sense in innate, and my style organic. I wanted to share this sense of using clothing as an expression of self with the world. 

Years later, multiple connections, trial, and error, lots of error, has brought about the existence of 13to 24 Shoes 

As a Fashion stylist working with men, my job is always been to create ten best looks for my client especially my clients that only wear extended size garments and shoes that are not often found in contemporary boutiques for men. 

I spent years perfecting my style in larger sizes, and since I know the challenge so intimately, I wanted to bring my expertise in finding those rarer sizes to men of similar stature I am now starting with shoes