The original yellow boot is the one that made the Timberland Company so famous.

Here we have a large selection of the latest Timberland Shoes.

Timberland Yellow Boot

The company was founded in Boston in.  The yellow boot was intended for wear by New England’s working class, the boot became popular among construction workers and farmers who spent northeastern winters working outside on their feet.
They were popular from the drop, but sales more than tripled in the 1990s when the boots became an icon in the rap and hip-hop communities.
The reason the boots were so popular is the insulation.  They keep your feet warm. 
These shoes have extremely widespread appeal. They’re seen on absolutely every kind of person, from trust fund hipsters to construction workers and everyone in between, and there’s no doubt that Timberlands have a crossover appeal that gives them a place in any wardrobe.
They’re versatile in that they can fit into a variety of different styles, but they’re not dressy by any stretch of the imagination.A pair weighs about two pounds. The inside of the upper is totally insulated and at least half of that is made from recycled plastic bottles, which is a pretty cool touch that’s on brand with Timberland’s eco-friendly ethos.
Other signature features of the boot are the chunky, grippy rubber lug called Gripstick, the iconic laces made from Taslan nylon, and the leather collar, which helps with insulation.
For a pair of boots this popular and inexpensive, they’re sturdy, comfortable, functional, and cool.  They’re not that much more expensive than a pair of good sneakers and they’ll last you a lot longer. They’re not dressy and sure, they’re tough to resole, but I give them high marksthese boots deserve their reputation.
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